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Weekend Warrior was a competition to determine the best of the best!

Originating in Resistance Fall of Man, the Weekend Warrior medal was a
weekly award given to the best ODD member each weekend.
Players were judged on participation, wins/losses, kills/deaths and other skills of play.

After a few years of inactivity, Weekend Warrior was revived for Battlefield 3,
not only for ODD members, but for the general public as well!

Much of the criteria from the previous version remained intact. In addition to wins, losses,
kills and deaths, players were also judged on their score per minute and MVP medals.

The best BF3 player to participate became the Weekend Warrior Champion and had their name and stats recorded on the WW's Champion Page.

With the release of Battlefield 4, the Weekend Warrior competition was discontinued, but
warriors of the past will be remembered here (for bragging rights).

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