The Odd Squad is a veteran gaming clan that began on the PlayStation 3 and now has transitioned to the next generation.
We are a close knit group that strives to play our best and respect our opponents no matter the outcome.
We value quality over quantity and have achieved success in the competitive arena of Gamebattles.
Today, ODD is a dominant force on Battlefield 4.

The Beginning

The Odd Squad was first developed in 1999 by two gamers, Odd_Job and Odd_Ball in Novalogic's
PC game Delta Force. Members were required to create an ID that followed the format Odd_{Name}.

Due to the lack of a high-speed Internet, the squad held very few practices and battles against enemy clans never occured.
For the majority, the duo played ranked games and were known by many.

Resistance Fall of Man

In March 2007, four months after the release of Resistance Fall of Man, Silent_Symphony (aka Odd_Job) and Jester98 crossed paths. Jester was impressed with Silent's gameplay and asked, "Want to start a clan?" The Odd Squad was reborn.

ODD began an aggressive recruitment campaign to find active, high quality players who put the group before themselves. During this time, The Odd Squad enlisted redbarron (now known as RedFawkes215), YoungE313, robenter2000 and Gamer4years.

In July 2007, The Odd Squad ventured into competitive play on the website Gamebattles. On the Summer '07 ladder ODD went 24-14 and advanced to the semifinal round of the playoffs.

The group had eight months of gameplay on Resistance until the release of Modern Warfare in November 2007. ODD's final Gamebattle record on RFoM was 28-17.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

November 2007 brought the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Several original ODD members from RFoM branched out to this new battlefield. It was here that The Odd Squad found its greatest Gamebattle success.

In the Winter '07 ladder, ODD finished in 48th place with a 21-3 record. The clan advanced to the second round of the playoffs. In the Spring '08 ladder, ODD posted 21 wins with only two losses. The Odd Squad's overall GB record on Modern Warfare was an impressive 70-14.

The Odd Squad recruited several members who participated in GB matches and helped ODD establish a name for themselves. Ruthless_DEMON was recruited during the MW stretch.

One of ODD's favorite stories took place in a Gamebattle match on the map Bloc. The map consisted of two apartment complexes facing each other with a pool house in a back corner. The Odd Squad was in one apartment complex, but couldn't spot the enemy. Two members went on a hunt.

Jester98 and Silent_Symphony crossed over into the other complex and crawled through the entire building without spotting a single enemy. Shots rang out as YoungE313 wandered away from the group.

A shootout took place at the pool house and The Odd Squad gained a 500-300 lead. Time was nearly up when ODD dropped smoke grenades and went prone into the grass. The group still refers to this as one of their most intense matches.

Resistance 2

After playing Modern Warfare over a year, ODD grew tired and wanted something new. With the release of Resistance 2 in November of 2008, the clan returned to the series that started it all.

However, many of the original members were disappointed in the different style of the game. Only Silent, redbarron, YoungE and Ruthless carried the Odd banner.

After four months of play, ODD compiled a record of 4-3 in the Winter '08 GB ladder. Matches were hard to come by due to the establishment of the $50,000 Resistance 2 tournament and eventually the ladder was inactive.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Once the Resistance 2 Gamebattle ladder diminished, many ODD members took a break from competition. During this time other games were played, but there was one game that was on everyone's radar.

On 11/10/09, The Odd Squad was reunited in battle with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Again, the clan found success on the GB ladder with an overall record of 15 wins and six losses. It was on MW2 that pakraden89 earned his dogtags.

The clan tried to match its former Gamebattle glory, but faced numerous no-show wins and cancellations. The clan agreed to end its three year run on Gamebattles.

Another popular story with several ODD members is the one about NARUTO. In MW2, boosting was common amongst the players to help obtain a 25 killstreak. This unleashed the tactical nuke which ended the game.

On the map Terminal, The Odd Squad discovered that a teammate named NARUTO was boosting. One of ODD's main principles is to play the game the right way, so Gamer4years and several ODD members chased NARUTO around the map making as much noise as possible to attract the enemy's attention.

NARUTO failed to obtain the tactical nuke and rage quit the game. Boosting rarely occured on ODD's watch due to vigilante justice.

Call of Duty Black Ops

The clan continued to dominate the online world of Modern Warfare 2 until Black Ops arrived the following November.

Though The Odd Squad's competitive days on Gamebattles were over, ODD was still a dominate force in online ranked matches and specialized in Team Deathmatch and Domination.

Battlefield 3

The release of Battlefield 3 in October 2011 opened a new world for The Odd Squad. The majority of the clan never played a Battlefield game before and decided to get a head start in the multiplayer beta in September.

Coming from Call of Duty, there were numerous growing pains along the way as the clan adapted to the new style of play. With practice ODD became a well oiled machine on Conquest, Rush and Team Deathmatch.

In the Spring of 2012, The Odd Squad purchased a one week server. This gave the clan control over players that wanted to cheat, exploit and glitch their way to victory. This goes back to how strongly the clan feels about playing the game the right way. The clan maintained an active server for over a year. The Official Odd Squad Server saw action from all over the world and received compliments from many.

Always looking for talented players, The Odd Squad welcomed To-Octavia, Tofu_Shinobi, HYBRID-ROOSTER and S3mp3rF3d3lis109 during Battlefield 3.

During the course of Battlefield 3, a few members obtained game capture devices and ODD's epic BF3 gameplay (and bloopers) are featured on YouTube.

The Odd Squad played BF3 for nearly two years and it was easily the longest they had played a single game. To see the statistics compiled by the group, check out this graphic.

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